Upgrading to a grade 5 titanium watch case 1

Great news! We have upgraded our grade 4 titanium watch cases to grade 5 titanium CNC milled watch cases.

CNC milled grade 5 titanium watch case


Initially we were planning to construct our watch cases (and bracelets) from Grade 4 Titanium (the strongest commercially pure titanium available, already a class better than the Grade 2 Titanium commonly used by watchmakers). Each case was to be tooled with a mould and finished with a CNC mill. The result would be a case that is light and strong, but would have to be coated to make it scratch resistant.

Grade 5 titanium

Top quality watchmakers, such as Omega, however use Grade 5 Titanium, an alloy that is significantly stronger than pure titanium and stainless steel. Grade 5 Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) is so strong that it takes a far greater effort to construct a watch case from it. Moulding is basically out of the question and that is why we have opted to CNC mill our cases out of single blocks of titanium. Milling is far more precise than moulding and the result is a case that is accurate, stronger and lighter than stainless steel, ant-magnetic, hypoallergenic and particularly resistant to corrosion by acids found in the sea and in perspiration.

At TiMe22 we strive to engineer top quality watches and with this upgrade I think we can deliver that.

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