Trip to China

TiMe22 visiting China

Visiting suppliers

The past week I’ve been to China where I visited suppliers for our watch manufacturing and also visited customers from the solar industry for Tempress.

6 Flights in 10 day

For this visit I’ve been to 3 locations in China namely Shanghai, Xi’an and Shenzhen and this resulted in a total of 6 flights in 10 days with a total delay time of 10 hours. It’s always great traveling in China 😉 But the good thing was that with all the traveling you can collect some frequent flyer points which I spend on a business class upgrade for my flight back to Schiphol in the Netherland.

Stefan in the SWFC


Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai is a city I’ve travelled many times to but never had the opportunity to visit one of the enormous skyscrapers they have. So luckily this visit I could spend some time to visit the SWFC (Shanghai World Financial Center), this skyscraper has an amazing observation deck with a (see-though walkway) at the height of 474 meters which gives an amazing view over the city. And I say as many people in Shanghai; it’s the largest bottle opener in the world with a total length of 494.3 meter.


After my tour of the SWFC I went to the Bund also called “Zhongshan Dong Yi Luw” here you can enjoy an amazing view from the waterfront of the Huangpu River over the city skyline. And there I took a relaxing coffee to enjoy this amazing view.

Shanghai Bund


But of course I’ve also visit our suppliers and we discussed the final specifications for the parts we needed to build our first watch. Already a few first models of the watch case where milled from a single piece of Grade-5 Titanium Alloy and we decided that this will be our new standard and all future watches will be milled from Grade-5 titanium (see also “Upgrading to a grade 5 titanium watch case” in our blog). Furthermore design specifications on the final finishing of the watch case and watch band where discussed and we decided to go for sand/glass blasting that gives a silky smooth finish to the watch and we also discussed some minor design changes to the strap connector and crown protection.

All in all this was a very fruitful trip and soon we will expect our first fully functional model and see if any more final touches are needed before we can go to full scale production, where in the end the final product will be nothing more than Titanium Watch perfection.

About Stefan Wessels (TiMe22 Co-founder)

Born (1970) in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I spend up until my teen years in Hengelo where I went to kindergarten, elementary and secondary school. My parents and I moved to ‘s-Hertogenbosch where I completed my technical education in electronics. After obtaining my degree I did a fair share of traveling around the world as a field service engineer in the High-tech industry (mainly Semiconductors). I also lived abroad in Israel for four years where I worked for a semiconductor company and even now I’m still active in the Solar and Semiconductor industry as service manager at Tempress systems. In 2012 I got married (yes on 12-12-12!) to my wife Josephine and we have a lovely daughter named Elise. For the little spare time I have left I like to spend this on the golf-course and/or smoke cigars with my good friends. My favorite cigar My favorite cigars are the Padron 1964 Aniversario Exclusivo Maduro and COHIBA Piramides Extra. In 2015 my friend Marc and I started talking about our own unique watch design with unprecedented specifications and now we are ready to bring it to market together with you.

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